John Hilliard

John Hilliard, and Before his current foray into the wilds of tech journalism, John spent seven years covering news in the Greater Boston area. His work included a series pushing for access to government records, coverage of congressional and local elections, and profiles of public schools in the age of No Child Left Behind.

  • 如何让管理者认同你的灾难恢复策略

    发表于:2011-06-06   |  作者:John Hilliard   

    让管理者认同一个灾难恢复计划是一件头痛的事,它本不应该如此。Paul Kirvan在本次采访中将给出一些建议,告诉您如何说服企业的高级管理者。

  • CA携手微软共建混合云备份服务联盟

    发表于:2011-06-02   |  作者:John Hilliard   


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